Into a table


The packaging design of the LOM tools as a whole looks bright and expressive. Minimalism, a clear color scheme, the nature of graphics - all this works for brand recognition. But there is a feeling that everything is slightly underdone, and successful visual moves can be strengthened.

The style starts to crumble in toolboxes. It is clear that the sets should look somehow different, but it would be great if they inherited the key characteristics of individual packages. The style of the pictures is especially confusing: isometry, photorealism, and spot illustrations are used.

What can be improved? You can add contrast to the elements, strengthen the diagonals, and generally enliven the composition. Separately, I want to work with typography. Even without changing the nature of the font, you can enlarge it and place it right through. I would like to leave the color scheme unchanged, but leave white only for texts and icons.

Depending on the tool, the shaping elements can be different - for a tape measure, for example, a circle is well suited.

I want to unify the secondary texts as much as possible, and remove the thin frames that were in the original altogether.

The shape of the tool can be shown with a line - it was also in the original packaging - but I want to do it more delicately. Pictograms should be redrawn.

In general, the shape of the tools always suggests a successful layout, and various solutions are obtained within the series.

I would like to leave more red in the sets - after all, this is a very recognizable element. Large text right through with thin strokes also allows you to instantly identify the brand. The illustrations themselves can be anything, the only limitation is to maintain the style.