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Branding activity for the Group of the companies Brox.

Brands visualization.


Brox Logistics:
Company positioning – a discounter.
USP – a unique selling proposition – is “box” solutions for business to reduce budget costs.
Easy to deal with, dynamical with aspiration for the change – all these qualities permit to distinguish clearly “Brox Logistics” among other inflexible rivals – transnational corporations.
The finalized brand-platform and its’ professional visualization highlight the image of the customer-friendly, straightforward companion and, at the same time, a seriously intended company in all available communication channels.

Brox Production:
The brand, which fully adheres to the values and to the emerged image of the Brox Group.
In this case, the general visual element “box” embodies the idea of marvelous gifts packed in the most awesome packaging.
Brand UTP – exceptional corporate gifts specially selected and presented and in a unified catalogue.
The most progressive, the boldest, the most innovative.