Roscosmos Corporate Academy
Branding | Polygraphy | Production

The Roscosmos Corporate Academy brand development.


As soon as one of the requesting of the task was to maintain the succession and to preserve the logotype color scale and the SC “Roscosmos” corporate style, on the first stage of the work an audit of current activities and materials used in the space industry was conducted. Moreover, meetings with main project owners were arranged to discuss the Academy missions and its’ strategic positioning for various target audience.

As the result, a logotype symbolizing a space rocket (grey part – for its’ body and red one – for the flame), space orbit and a stylized letter “A” – the first letter in the word “Academy”, was created. The logotype overall character is dynamic and asymmetric. It highlights the modernity and innovative essence of the industry.

The basic values were highlighted by the new corporate style of the Academy, which reflected the diversity of its’ training programs and the entire modernity and technological effectiveness of the organization.